Saturday, July 15, 2006

Call for tolerance

This article is a simple call for tolerance of other people's beliefs, and a defense of the idea of "freedom of conscience", one of the founding principles of our nation. I can't offer too much analysis, but I agree with his sentiment, so I suggest reading the article in full.

While it is naive to think that simply talking about freedom of conscience will change the world, it can do no harm, and may just do some good, for us to tell our own story -- how we, too, once lived in a world in which our civil rights were dictated by religious affiliation, and how we came to see that the causes of God and of country would be best served if they were connected but not chained to one another.


DocRummel said...

I absolutely agree!

I just hope your call for freedom of conscience extends to the religious among us, as so many "freedom lovers" are like the Massachusets Puritians: escaping religous persecution only to establish it elsewhere.

Nat-Wu said...

I articulated my viewpoints on freedom on my other blog. To quote myself: "I think the only rational course is to protect the freedom of the individual at the highest level." I certainly don't wish to restrict anyone's behavior merely because of religious affiliation.