Thursday, July 06, 2006

More space industry development

The first article tells us:

Starchaser Industries Inc. has announced plans to develop a 120-acre site approximately seventeen miles west of the City of Las Cruces in southern New Mexico – nearby home to the Southwest Regional Spaceport.

Starchaser’s Rocket City complex is a ten-year $100 million project and is to be privately financed, explains Steve Bennett, Chief Executive Officer of the group. Phased development of the site will include rocket manufacturing and astronaut training facilities, retail outlets, office accommodations, restaurants and exhibition areas as well as a space-themed hotel with conference facilities.

Is it a space boom or just a space bubble? Only time will tell, but like the internet bubble of the late 90's, a lot of money is being invested before anybody knows if there's profit to be made. We'll see how it turns out.

Evidently the European Space Agency is starting to think there might be something to this space tourism business after all.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is launching in the coming weeks a study aimed at European space tourism initiatives.

ESA wants to survey and evaluate the technical and economical feasibility of on-going European initiatives for privately-funded crew vehicles for commercial human space flight and to assess associated technologies.

Good luck to both of those efforts. At least one of TWM hopes that he can be among those to travel to space in his lifetime instead of merely having his ashes shot into deep space.

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Xanthippas said...

I'm all for it, though my personal goal is to ride the space elvator into low-Earth orbit!