Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh, the sheer gall of it

We all know Tom DeLay is over. He'll never work in politics again, and he'll be lucky to avoid jail time. But the man is such a hypocrite I have got to keep bringing him up.

But DeLay paid a huge personal price. With his Texas criminal case dragging on, he renounced his leadership post early this year. Then, with his legal jeopardy rising in the unrelated Jack Abramoff corruption probe, he resigned from the House, which he had dominated for more than a decade.

Still, he said he was heartened by yesterday's Supreme Court ruling.

"It's always worth it to stand up for the Constitution," DeLay said.

I think if the Framers had wanted bribing politicians to be legal, they would have put that in the Constitution. I'm not entirely sure how DeLay thinks he was standing up for the Constitution, if in fact he's not just lying out of habit. And if I recall correctly they didn't write in the idea of drawing districts to help political parties out either.

DeLay, you are a big bag of un-American, un-patriotic, lying, filthy, immoral crap.

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Xanthippas said...

DeLay just can't seem to keep himself out of the story. The best thing to say when asked about his feelings on this decision would be "no comment." Instead he has to yet again affirm to the world why it's best that he's not in power. A man who states publicly that gerry-mandering is upholding his oath to the Constitution, a man who himself has not met a part of the Constitution he would not tread upon to secure Republican power, is a man who should rightly be banished from politics forever. And the disgrace he's brought upon himself can't even begin to make up for what he did while he was in office.