Monday, August 21, 2006

If they mean what they say, it looks like a big change is in the wind

The article quotes a lot of numbers from the polls, but the first paragraph of the article says it all:

Fifty-three percent of registered voters polled by Opinion Research Corp. for CNN said they were supporting Democrats, while 40 percent said they were leaning Republican. The remaining 7 percent either planned to support another party or had no opinion.

I know we've been talking about these statistics for a while and wondering if they really mean people are going to throw out the Republican congress. One can only hope. It's just that it seems more likely now than ever before. No false hopes like with John Kerry, this is a solid lead. Well, we'll see. You never know what could happen. As one commentator on another blog put it, "Diebold motherfu**ers!"


Xanthippas said...

Man, that is so encouraging. We can only hope it translates into electoral victory. It's way, way too early to get cocky about it, but if the American people don't punish Republicans for years of bad government, then something is wrong with democracy in our country.

copy editor said...

A narrow majority will probably mean little more than more bickering before 2008.