Thursday, August 31, 2006

Keith Olbermann Eviscerates Rumsfeld Speech

We don't generally blog videos because we like to keep TWM to in-depth analysis, but this is definitely that. Keith Olbermann not only quotes him near the end of his commentary, but channels Edward R. Murrow's eloquence too as he addresses the Bush administration's newfound and desperate policy of attacking the patriotism of war critics and turns their WWII and fascism analogies against them. It's definitely worth watching.


Nat-Wu said...

That was good.

Xanthippas said...

Powerful stuff. And that's exactly the sort of outrage that Rumsfeld's comments should provoke. We as Americans should be sick and tired of the Bush administration's willingness to play on our fears of terrorism to provoke us to act in an irrational, but conveniently partisan, fashion. We should be sick and tired of an administration that confuses dissent with disloyalty, and that is willing to marginalized "good and decent" people who happen to disagree with the administration. The Bush administration, having proven to be wrong about nearly every aspect of Iraq-from planning the invasion to fighting the insurgency to creating a government-is in NO position to lecture the American people as to how we should regard the war on terror or the progress in Iraq. Each time they dare to speak to us in a manner that conflates the necessity of securing our country with their political convenience, this is the manner in which we should react.