Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Defending...Ari Fleischer?

Okay, so the best Christopher Hitchens can do on 9/11 is defend ex-members of the Bush administration?

Between this and attacking Joe Wilson, I'm beginning to wonder why he even bothers anymore.

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Nat-Wu said...

Obviously it's all he's got left.

You know, it's sad that while there is a very real need to address global terrorism, blowhards who support Bush absolutely have failed to see that Bush's war on terror is anything but the answer. They seem to always be singing a one-note song of "Kill the terrorists!" Not that we don't need to kill the terrorists, but we need to kill their roots.

Kill the inequalities in wealth in the Middle East, kill the injustice that America unwittingly (and wittingly) propagates against Muslim peoples in other nations around the world, and kill our idea that the only way to answer a single-minded ideology is to take up a single-minded ideology. Then we'll be making some progress. Guys like Hitchens just don't get it.