Thursday, September 14, 2006

House Republicans vs. IAEA

Who do you believe?

U.N. inspectors investigating Iran's nuclear program angrily complained to the Bush administration and to a Republican congressman yesterday about a recent House committee report on Iran's capabilities, calling parts of the document "outrageous and dishonest" and offering evidence to refute its central claims. Officials of the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency said in a letter that the report contained some "erroneous, misleading and unsubstantiated statements." The letter, signed by a senior director at the agency, was addressed to Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.), chairman of the House intelligence committee, which issued the report. A copy was hand-delivered to Gregory L. Schulte, the U.S. ambassador to the IAEA in Vienna.
Let's just review the record for a sec. Iraq: IAEA 1, GOP 0. Guess who I'm going with?

Oh, and Kevin Drum has an amusing (yet saddening) graphic on the play this little dispute gets at the Washington Post. Check it out.


Nat-Wu said...

What a surprise, Republicans are trying to spin the truth yet again!

And I sent you that article, give me a little credit here!

Xanthippas said...

I saw it somewhere else first! I claim all credit!