Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thoughts on the Torture Bill

For the record, nothing the Republicans have done since Bush has been in office has disgusted me as much as their zeal to pass this torture/detention bill as quickly as possible in the hopes that it will in some way boost their already pathetic numbers come election day. They know that there is no reason why such legislation could not be considered again in January, but they're spewing out this nonsense about "clarifying" the law and giving Bush "what he needs to fight terror" because they want so badly to have this one last "accomplishment" before they all have to go home and explain to their voters why they've let the Bush administration bungle Iraq, the budget, Katrina, etc., etc. It doesn't matter to them that the bill will permit torture, it doesn't matter to them it will permit the detention of U.S. citizens indefinitely, it doesn't matter to them that it gives President Bush powers that they would've run Clinton out of office for had he dared to ask for them, and it sure as hell doesn't matter what the long-term consequences of this bill are on our country here at home and abroad. No, all that matters to them is to get a few more points in the polls, so they can simply perpetuate themselves ad infinitum without having to actually do anything constructive, useful, responsible or moral in their time in office. Conservatives of America...welcome to the modern Republican party whose antics you have given your stamp of approval to.

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adam said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.