Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Round-Up

They're coming for you Grover...
Five conservative nonprofit organizations, including one run by prominent Republican Grover Norquist, "appear to have perpetrated a fraud" on taxpayers by selling their clout to lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Senate investigators said in a report issued yesterday.

As an example of his naughtiness:
Abramoff e-mailed Norquist on Feb. 10, 2004: "I have sent over a $50K contribution from DH2 (the mutual fund client). Any sense as to where we are on the op-ed placement?" Replied Norquist: "The Wash Times told me they were running the piece. . . . I will nudge again."

Democrats are electing to go very negative in campaign ads, as means of helping educate voters about the hypocrisy of the GOP in the wake of continued revelations about Foley, and the scandal continues to damage Republican hopes of hanging onto the House.

President Bush, applying his detailed knowledge of biostatics, rejects the findings of the Lancet study showing 600,000 Iraqis have died as a result of the Iraq war. Eugene Robinson says Bush is yet again dismissing reality, and anybody who's actually an expert in the field is generally supportive. In the meantime, Iraqis and American soldiers continue to die, and the British are making noises about leaving.

The U.N. Security Council is close to approving sanctions on North Korea, but military action is still ruled out.

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