Thursday, October 05, 2006

Message on Terror Lost in Foley Scandal

This story on NPR's Morning Edition makes it clear that the Bush administration has been unable to get out it's message out about Democrats and terrorism. Unsurprisingly, President Bush had hoped to hammer Democrats over the head with their votes on the torture bill by portraying them yet again as weak on terror, but at each stop on his current cross-country that message has been lost in a fusilade of questions from the press about the Foley scandal.

Note to Bush and the GOP on the concept of "karmic retribution": When you use our country's security as a tool to gain a notch or two in the polls by ramming through a torture bill as quickly as you can so you can use it against Dems in the mid-terms, you deserve to suddenly find yourself answering very uncomfortable questions about a member of your party who likes to chat with young boys.


adam said...

I agree, this is what they get.. and what they deserve.

Nat-Wu said...

Oh yeah. Big time.