Monday, October 23, 2006

Post-Game Punditry

Stick a fork in these Cowboys. They're done.

Alright, things aren't that bad. The Cowboys are only 3-4 which is better than where the Redkins are at least. But, it's not going to get much better, that I can promise you.

I seriously doubt anybody could truthfully claim that they knew that Parcells' was going to sub Romo in for Bledsoe at the start of the second half. I didn't really understand the decision at the time, for reasons I'll explain in a moment. But I think the fact that he did is an indication of how important this game was, and how willing he was to go to a unknown in the hopes that he could get some offense out of the Cowboys. But I think Parcells is backed into a corner now. Despite the fact that Romo made very rookie mistakes, and basically gave away the game in Bledsoe-like fashion, Parcells can't very well swtich back to Bledsoe for next week. So now, instead of the Cowboys going into a very tough point in their season with some stability at QB, they'll have what is essentially a rookie, learning on the job, and probably losing games in the process. This is not a recipe for playoff success. Or making the playoffs, for that matter.

Anyway, I think we saw the real Dallas Cowboys tonight. And I hate to say it, but the rest of the season is probably going to be pretty long and unpleasant.

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