Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The Editors of the Houston Chronicle have a problem with the government trying to teach adults to abstain from sex. Some don't have a problem with it:

The government has a public safety interest in trying to curtail some adult behaviors. Drunken driving is one. Sex between consenting adults is not.

Meanwhile, in the real world, about one in five Americans has herpes and the illegitimacy rate is about one-third.
Meanwhile, in the real world, the Supreme Court has found that adults have a privacy interest in matters of the bedroom, whereas no one has a privacy interest in getting drunk and getting behind the wheel. That's why the state can't tell you not to use birth control, but it can tell you not to drink and drive, and thus the comparision fails. And beyond that, the blogger's point seems to support the use of condoms, not the encouragement of abstinence.

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