Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bush Supporters Abandoning the Administration

This article is mostly a lot of belly-aching by the very people who aided and abetted the invasion, whining that the Bush administration has bungled the occupation:

"There are a lot of lives that are lost," Adelman said in an interview last week. "A country's at stake. A region's at stake. This is a gigantic situation. . . . This didn't have to be managed this bad. It's just awful."

Two thoughts on this:

1) Cry me a f****** river.

2) Let's dispense with this notion that somehow everything would be okay in Iraq if the Bush administration had simply managed the occupation correctly. First of all, the same people who now moan about how badly the occupation has been run are the ones who were saying we wouldn't be in Iraq more than a few months anyway, so why is the Bush administration suddenly solely to blame for failing to plan? Secondly, if the Bush administration had listened to the "realists" and realized that the occupation of Iraq was going to take hundreds of thousands of troops and hundreds of billions of dollars, then certainly they would've also been honest with us and themselves about the sparse intelligence, and not as willing to link Al Qaeda to Iraq (you know, been responsible about the whole thing) and we probably wouldn't have gone to war in the first place because most Americans would have never been in favor of it and the Bush administration probably wouldn't have even advocated it. No, this half-ass occupation was hardwired into this administration from the beginning. They were determined to get this war, they misled us and themselves about what they knew or should've known, and they never planned for an occupation because they didn't believe we'd be there that long and didn't want us to think we'd be there that long so we wouldn't have any second thoughts about invading. The neo-cons and Bush apologists who supported this invasion and attacked at every turn those who opposed it, believed exactly the same things, and they are not now permitted to come to the American people whining about how things would be so much different if the Bush administration had managed this war better. We doomed ourselves and the Iraqi people to this from the beginning.


Fan Boy said...

I do believe the war in Iraq would be seen very differently by the American people if there were plans in place to manage Iraq during occupation.

We can not say that the reality of today would have been absolutly different, I can say however with some certainty that the shift in public oppinion would not have gone this way.

If we stay in Iraq and Afganistan we need a general draft. Our troops are to thin to handle our obligations of both and walking out on either is not an option anyone on either party wants to take.

Xanthippas said...

I hate to say it...but right now, I lean towards a draft as well. I didn't think I could ever support such a thing, but when you elect to wage an immoral war that destroys a country, you are obligated to do everything you can to hold it together. So far, we have not done everything, because we refuse to commit more than 150,000 troops to Iraq, at the most. In a nation our size with our resources, that's merely pathetic.

But I also understand the reality. America in general will never support a draft because nobody wants to be forced to go fight in a war that began over lies, and continues without any sensible consideration of how to end it. The moral aspect of it simply is not enough to convince people to fight and die in Iraq.