Sunday, November 19, 2006

I just want to see how they'll blame this on liberals...

"Texas teens are significantly more likely to have sex, drink alcohol and drive drunk than their peers nationwide, according to a report released Friday."

I'm not going to pretend to know why exactly that would be, but it might be that Texas has high rates of poverty and instead of teaching responsibility prefers to preach abstinence (from sex and drink). Or not. But I'm sure conservative bloggers are already starting on a theory linking this to liberalism. I'll let you know if I find it.


adam said...

But see, this just proves that our abstinence-only programs haven't yet been able to correct the years of a culture of permissiveness that went on before their enactment!

Xanthippas said...

I think generally those numbers hold true for the Southern states as well. Which should be a lesson on the effectiveness of simply telling people not to do "bad" things, but nobody seems to learn that lesson.

Fan Boy said...

Yes, now lets see those demographics in a more meaningful light.

What was the average age of the teens?
How did they break up in racial demographics?
How did those demographics break along the poverty lines?
What was the population size of the city, cows excluded?

Drinking is all most of these kids have. Their parents who are undereducated are working two jobs, can't be at home, and when they are don't get there kids because they are never home to see anything but the gaps in their own lives.

It is all the Hispanics Fault. Bringing all that Tequila and MAchisno to my great state. I mean wealthy white people like little Suzy and Johnny go Churchly would never touch the stuff. I mean after all they don't have the income to spend 50 to 100% over price to get booze and get there drunk on without there parents noticing it because they are to busy trying to by them with money.

I mean it is all the kids faualts and adults don't need to think that geez maybe I shouldn't give johnny a $500 a month allowance, or maybe the best thing for my kid is for me to not work two jobs and just work one and do with what we have, which after all will mean we atleast have each other. Geez none of that makes anysense.

So I say lets keep doing things they way we have, see no reason to change, after all this is probably all a myth concocted by scientest funded by Madd kind of like Global Warming, I mean it is all a lie anyway isn't it? This would never really happen.

I mean scientist already say pollution and red wine are good for us don't they?

Nat-Wu said...

Ah, that's too funny. I bet some people say those same things in complete seriousness.