Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mehlman stepping down

WASHINGTON - Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, whose party lost both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections, will step down from his post when his two-year term ends in January, GOP officials said Thursday.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because Mehlman had not yet made his intentions public.

The officials said Mehlman made the decision not to run for a second term more than a month or two ago — well before the election.

He was probably planning on going out after a victory instead of a crushing defeat. This just continues the dismantling of the Republican machine, what with Rumsfeld stepping down and Bolton's nomination in doubt (well, it's dead, really).

What's interesting is the shape of the future Republican party. I'm not the political expert, so I'll let other people say what they think that future might be, but to this layman, it seems that the party of the neocons is dead.


Fan Boy said...

People thought the same things when the Democrats lost power to the Republicans 12 years ago.

Republicans came to congress promising to get rid of corruption in elected officials. Like any party in power to long they gave into it instead.

I think the GOP needs an overhaul, to call them dead is absurd. The only thing for certain is that Carl Rove and his call to the far right are at an end.

michele said...

I think that when the party gives into it's desire to consolidate power, then they fail. I believe that if they learn from this that Republicans want them to act like Republicans (lower taxes, smaller government, less spending) then they will come roaring back. You can tell that they got the message by Pence's vision statement. Let's see if they are prepared to walk the talk.

How do I know they will be successful? Fifty-nine percent of those voting wanted lower taxes and less government and they didn't think the Republicans stood for that.

Nat-Wu said...

fan boy, I didn't say the GOP was dead, I said "the party of the neocons is dead". Specifically the neocons. The Republican party can turn in one of two directions: either centrist or towards the evangelical fringe. I don't believe for a second that after the repudiation they suffered in this election that they can play the neocon game of supporting business interests while pandering to the "values voters". I say this because those voters already saw through that shell game. The neocons are dead, at least until they come up with another game plan.

Becoming a business interest party is also too single issue to have an entire party run on, and that's the Libertarians' area anyway. That's why I say it's either centrist or to the right. But heck, I could always be wrong.

Nat-Wu said...

Michele, the problem is that Americans always say they want lower taxes and less government. The reason neither party ever delivers is that Americans don't want the lowered level of services and lifestyle that comes with it. I guess if they're just playing politics they can act like they're going to deliver on that promise, but they won't, so I don't think that's much of a permanent strategy.

Fan Boy said...

Lets be a little more savvy for a moment, shall we?

When a husband says I don't love you anymore and walks out, why? When a someone blames money for a divorce why? When an employee walks away from a job and sites the reason is because of money, Why? What is the real reason?

The fact is, it is never for the reasons stated, it is just the most surface issues. Money doesn't cause divorces, lying, cheating, and stealing someone elses respect does. Employees don't quit jobs because they want more money, it is because they are undervalued or unappreciated at work. Men don't fall out of love, they get tired of not being respected or worked with and only dealing with one problem.

The fact is Americans only talk about lower taxes and such when they are dissatified with goverment. Why pay more money into something you believe you get no value from.

The problem is not taxes, it is the values of the goverment and the ROI that has fallen short to the average American.

Leaders know this. That is why you see a change from entrenched partisenship to working together. America is tired of America not working and they don't want to keep throwing money at the problem.

Americans are even less concerned with who is to blame as to who is saying they want to fix it. That is why Republicans lost on the Economy and Corruption.

Democrats have thier chance, god willing both parties will succeed the time for division is over. The time for cheermongering is gone. We need a goverment that works for the people, is accountable to the people, and will give us a belief once again in something greater than ourselves and petty differences.

Nat-Wu said...

Hear hear!