Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Missouri Stem-Cell Iniative

I haven't had time to get to many ballot proposals; there was some good, some bad. But the Missouri Stem-Cell amendment seems to have won a narrow victory (via TalkLeft.) It probably helped that Michael J. Fox is a sympathetic, reasonable fellow (not a "lazy actor" whatever that means.) It probably did not help that Rush Limbaugh is a reprehensible dumb-ass.


Matt said...

"Actor" because he plays roles for a living.

"Lazy" in that he shilled for an important measure without reading it.

Xanthippas said...

Well, not so much anymore given his Parkinsons.

That's assuming that by "without reading" you mean "without adopting my interpretation that human cloning is now legal." That seems strange given the actual language of the amendment, which I reproduce below:

Sec. 38(d)2.
(1) No person may clone or attempt to clone a human being.

(2) No human blastocyst may be produced by fertilization solely for the purpose of stem cell research.

(3) No stem cells may be taken from a human blastocyst more than fourteen days after cell division begins; provided, however, that time during which a blastocyst is frozen does not count against the fourteen-day limit.

(4) No person may, for valuable consideration, purchase or sell human blastocysts or eggs for stem cell research or stem cell therapies and cures.