Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More non-election stuff- Ethanol update

Just been wanting to throw this out to show the unstoppable march of ethanol.

A manure-powered ethanol plant in Texas, out near Amarillo. This is by Panda, mentioned in that worthless Observer article.

Ethanol has been talked to death, yeah, but I just want to mention some of these benefits again, especially this:

The new plant will be unlike any other plant in the country by reusing one of Hereford's most plentiful natural resources, almost a billion pounds of cattle manure.

"The Hereford area is like the Saudi Arabia of manure," said Todd Carter, President of Panda Energy, the Dallas-based company building the plant.

The essence of his plan is that ethanol refining process requires intense heat normally generated with expensive natural gas. But in Hereford, instead of gas they will fire up a limitless and free supply of manure. That means Panda will realize a huge savings.

I can hardly imagine oil competing with that.


Xanthippas said...

Sure would be nice Perry was more interested in this and less interested in new coal plants that will make Dallas the dirtiest city in America.

Nat-Wu said...

Yeah, I wonder if the coal industry has him in their pocket. It's pretty ridiculous that he always wants to do things even Texans oppose, like dirty coal plants and the Trans-Texas corridor.