Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Time Magazine: Bush's Failures

Time magazine summarizes for us the "Five Fatal Mistakes" of the Bush Middle East foreign policy. It's a pretty good list, which I will surmise here:

  1. Bush ignored the Palestinians by abandoning Clinton's mediation efforts
  2. Bush invaded Iraq
  3. Bush misjudged Iran in rejecting Iran's peace feelers
  4. Bush hurt Israel by letting it do as it wished with the Palestinians and Hezbollah
  5. Bush alienated the Muslims by invading Iraq and siding against Lebanon and the Palestinians.

What's sad is that any one of these things would have hurt the prospects for peace in the Middle East considerably. Combined, they result in utter disaster. What's agonizing is that these are only the failures in the Middle East, without accounting for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North Korea.

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adam said...

That pretty much sums it up. How sad we had a president who did all of the worst things one could have done post-9/11. We will be paying immensely for it for years to come.