Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Eye-witnesses report that Sen. Brownback was also holding a burrito in one hand, a Mexican flag in the other, and shouted "Viva la Mexico!" several times as the audience applauded.


adam said...


Nat-Wu said...

Oh, I see. Since reaching out to the Hispanic vote didn't work in the last election, it's time to repudiate the very idea. Way to go, dumbasses. By the way, keep pissing off the largest minority in America. See where you end up in ten years.

Xanthippas said...

Conservatives are like Michael Richards. Nobody liked their schtick, so now they feel like they can go off on a rant and express their true feelings about Mexicans/Blacks/Muslims, etc. I say...enjoy 2008.

Fan Boy said...

I am going to admit for better or for worse that I take offense to anyone raising a foreign flag in protest to American Policy on our soverign ground.

La Raza and other groups who are promoting these social issues have an agenda to break the national soverignty of the United States.

The agenda has been stated and has been reported on even here in the U.S. that there is an agenda of socialism and the elimination of national borders with Mexico and other South American countries and the creation of geographically divided States with a weak central Federal goverment.

I am a Federalist and I aboslutly believe that Mexico is influencing our elections, our social policies, and it is for the benifit of that country and their perspective not for America.

I don't believe that is racist, I believe we need to deal with a foreign power causing internal strife and influencing elections in this country.

Xanthippas said...

Well, I don't know if their goals are that destructive. Some of them might feel that way, but I strongly believe that most Mexican-Americans quite firmly believe that they are Americans (even if they do disappointingly continue to support the Mexican national soccer team in contests with the U.S, but I can overlook that in non-World Cup years.) My post was more a comment on the stupidity of right-wing blogs who seem absolutely eager to throw away the Hispanic vote. It's even more ironic that a Texas blog would seem eager to do that. Also, frankly, I'm tired of the semi-racist and stereotypical "sombrero this" and "burrito that" comments you see from right-wing bloggers. That can seem to make any comment about immigration with throwing out some kind of slur towards Mexican culture in general, in the most stereotypical of terms (exactly how many Mexicans do you see wearing sombreros around here?) It's right-wingers revealing their dark heart of racial prejudice that, justifiable, prompts Hispanics to vote for Democrats.