Thursday, January 18, 2007

Al Gore Should Run

This is why Al Gore should run for President again, and why he would mostly be immune from criticsm regarding the Iraq war (except from those on the right for whom wrongness is no bar to misinformed and misinforming criticism of course.) If Gore runs, he can count on my vote (Note: I do not speak for my co-bloggers on this issue, who may be leaning in different directions.) Any hesitation on his part to do so probably is a result of criticism from fools in the media who took great issue with Gore last time, mostly because he is both smarter and more accomplished than they.


Nat-Wu said...

I voted for Gore the first time; I'll vote for him again.

adam said...

I've had great respect for Gore since he spoke out early on against the war and the assault on civil liberties by the administration, and that's only furthered since with "An Inconvenient Truth." However, I'm worried that what's giving him this newfound gravitas is the fact that he's an outsider and no longer an office holder or candidate. He might lose it should he be one again. That said, he'd definitely have my attention should he choose to run again.