Thursday, January 04, 2007

Links on Somalia

I've been disappointed by the lack of coverage of ongoing events in Somalia in the liberal blogosphere, especially given that many right-wing blogs have been virtually crowing about the defeat of "terrorists" and "jihadists" by Ethiopion and Somali National Government forces (conflating fighters who are Muslim with terrorists and suicide bombers, as the simple-minded right is want to do.) I wrote several liberal bloggers to express my disappointment with this lack of coverage, and Eric Martin at American Footprints was kind enough to respond with some links to bloggers who have been covering the conflict in depth. Here's his response to my email below, links included:

Matt Yglesias (this link is to his most recent, but he has several over the past week or so) and Spencer Ackerman have begun discussing these issues. Aslo, Robert Farley at Lawyers, Guns and Money. Here is Farley's latest (which links back to his previous post and a comment I left on the matter).

I'm preparing something right now and will let you know when I'm finished. I would also recommend the War Nerd's take, though I would hardly classify him as a liberal blogger.

I'm not sure how I missed Yglesias in my search for Somalia posts (he's even on my Bloglines.) Regardless, I recommend each of the bloggers above, if you'd like to be truly informed about the situation in Somalia. And for those who need to brought up to speed on events in Somalia over the past several years, I can't recommend on our own Nat-Wu's posts from earlier this year highly enough, which you can read in order simply by punching "Somalia" into the blog search bar above and sorting by date.

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