Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some Light Reading

Thanks to Bloglines I spend way too much time reading blogs when I should be doing something like sleeping, and as a consequence I come across many posts worthy of mention that I don't have time to blog about. So here's a new post in our not very regular "blog roundup" series, with some good stuff that I highly recommend reading.

Glenn Greenwald (who appears to have replaced sleeping with blogging if the frequency and depth of his posts are any indication) on how conservatives don't understand George Washington and wouldn't recognize him today anyway if they tried.

Kevin Drum on how the original architects of the "surge" aren't behind the plan now being implemented.

Steve Clemons on what we're spending to rebuild Iraq, but only on the condition that Iraqis stay in Iraq to enjoy it.

At Tapped, Jeff Lomonoco writes about Ari Fleischer's damning testimony, and Tom Schaller writes about how events may invariably be moving towards a public sacrifice of Vice President Cheney.

Jack Balkin on a new Presidential directive that will give political appointnees more leeway over federal agencies (which Nat-Wu says strikes him as reminiscent of the Soviet political officer.)

That's all for now. Enjoy.

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