Saturday, February 17, 2007

Evolution a Jewish Conspiracy

Just when you though Republicans were done embarassing the state of Texas for awhile:
The second most powerful member of the House has apologized to the Anti-Defamation League for giving colleagues a document that contains what the league called "outrageous anti-Semitic material."

The memo by Georgia GOP Rep. Ben Bridges urges state legislatures to ban the teaching of evolution. It claims evolution was the religious doctrine of certain Jews in ancient times, and thus can't be taught in public schools.

Mr. Chisum said "the document in question does not accurately reflect my views." He did not elaborate.

Nor did he mention the Atlanta-area Fair Education Foundation. Mr. Bridges' memo contained links to the foundation's Web site, which asserts that the universe revolves around the Earth. The site also depicts theories on evolution as a plot by "Jewish physicists" and Hollywood moguls to brainwash people.

My advice is, best to read that sort of thing thoroughly before you hand it out to follow members of a legislative body. Especially when that document is highly suggestive of a conspiracy crank website (via Off the Kuff.) And one would think that even if Rep. Chisum does believe that evolution is a Jewish conspiracy, he would know enough to be somewhat circumspect about saying so. Then again, this is Texas. At least he didn't write it. For that we can blame Georgia.


adam said...

Why do we have to have the craziest Republicans in our state?

Nat-Wu said...

Because in Texas, everything is bigger.

Jeb said...