Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Virtual Terrorism?

Fascinating (via Adam):

Like any pioneer, Marshal Cahill arrived in a new world curious and eager to sample its diversions. Over time, though, he saw an elite few grabbing more than their share.

They bought up all the plum real estate. They awarded building contracts to friends. They stifled free speech.

Cahill saw a bleak future, but he felt powerless to stop them. So he detonated an atomic bomb outside an American Apparel outlet. Then another outside a Reebok store.

As political officer for the Second Life Liberation Army, Cahill is passionately committed to righting what he considers the wrongs of a world that exists only on the computer servers of Linden Lab in San Francisco.

Obviously, Cahill is neither a "real" terrorist nor revolutionary. He's a disgruntled game player. But as games become more complex, and opportunities for expression abound, people will take their creativity to virtual worlds like Second Life, and as computers become more and more powerful, who knows what will be possible?

UPDATE: And...virtual politics?

It may not be official — yet — but thanks to a grass-roots effort, John Edwards has become the first presidential candidate to set-up-shop in Second Life. Jerimee Richir, whose avatar is called Jose Rote, paid-for and developed Edwards' virtual headquarters, and, on a voluntary basis, is managing the in-world campaign.


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