Friday, March 02, 2007

Majority Support National Health Care

The battle for universal health coverage is already half won:

Only 24 percent said they were satisfied with President Bush’s handling of the health insurance issue, despite his recent initiatives, and 62 percent said the Democrats were more likely to improve the health care system.

Americans showed a striking willingness in the poll to make tradeoffs to guarantee health insurance for all, including paying as much as $500 more in taxes a year and forgoing future tax cuts.

As the article indicates, Americans are not yet sure about how they want health care delivered. But the litany of stories about uninsured millions and kids dying for want of dental care has now pushed the issue to the point where people accept that something substantial has to be done. Now it's left for Democrats to fill in the gaps.

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adam said...

This is great news! I think the first step is covering all children, and then eventually everyone will realize it just makes sense to expand it to everyone and get rid of the insurance companies completely.