Friday, April 27, 2007

Eyes Turning Toward U.S. Senate Race In Texas

A new poll from Survey USA shows that Senator John Cornyn's approval rating is now only 3 points higher than his disapproval rating, with 43% of Texans approving of the way he is handling his job and 40% disapproving. Cornyn's approval is 4 points down from where it was just last month.

And the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Commitee is taking notice. Via Political Insider:

"The top three individuals being eyed by the party to challenge the Republican are" John Sharp, the former state comptroller; Rep. Nick Lampson, who holds the Republican-leaning 22nd district in suburban Houston; and wealthy trial attorney Mikal Watts (D) of San Antonio.

"Watts last weekend hosted a DSCC fundraiser at his home that brought in $1.1 million and is described as someone who could partially self-fund a Senate run. Sharp was appointed by Perry to lead a state commission on tax reform and is considered a conservative Democrat. Lampson is a proven fundraiser who might have trouble winning re-election to his current post and therefore is seen as someone who could be convinced to challenge Cornyn."

The report also indicates that Democrats are looking at State Rep. Rick Noriega, as previously reported, and State Senator Kirk Watson as possible candidates.

If one thing's for sure, it looks as though the-powers-that-be are looking at this as a competitive race and chances are we'll have a serious contender come out of the primary. I'll be very excited to see who throws there hat in the ring in the next few months...

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Xanthippas said...

Indeed. It's hard to overstate how exciting it would be to have a real shot at taking Cornyn down in 2008. I hope every effort is made to take advantage of this opportunity.