Saturday, April 07, 2007

MoveOn hosting a virtual town hall meeting

I think this is an excellent way of connecting real people to the candidates, and the outcome of these town hall meetings may very well determine the outcome of the Presidential election.

This is from the email they sent out:
Can you help us spread the word about an unprecedented online event? Next Tuesday—April 10th—at 7:15pm Eastern, MoveOn is using the Internet to connect presidential candidates directly to the people.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, and Joe Biden will answer questions from's 3.2 million members in the first of three unprecedented virtual town hall meetings. The topic: Iraq.

MoveOn members are asking candidates the tough questions about their Iraq plans, and we're gathering in living rooms from coast to coast to hear the answers directly. The mass media won't be filtering our questions or filtering the answers—-MoveOn will be connecting candidates directly to the people.

Right after the virtual town hall meeting, MoveOn will survey our members to see which candidate they believe will do the best job of leading us out of the war in Iraq. We will also let MoveOn members know how they can get involved with the candidate of their choice.
For more information about the town hall meetings from MoveOn, go here (Word document). To sign up for a house party, go here.


Winged Hussar 1683 said...

I would like to ask all five participants (Obama, Clinton, Joe "Obama is a credit to his race" Biden, Edwards, and Kucinich) why they are appearing at an event hosted by what is arguably an anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic hate group.

In 2005, published a derogatory picture of Pope Benedict waving a gavel outside the U.S. Supreme Court. The theme was identital to Thomas Nast's "The Catholics are taking over America" cartoons of the 19th century. (Google on "" and "Pope Benedict" in image searches to see this cartoon, mostly yellow in color.) Also Google on the phrase "Jew Lieberman" to see even more about what is about.

Until it was taken down in disgrace in September 2006, MoveOn's Action Forum, with the full knowledge and approval of the moderators who were exercising editorial control over it, served as a platform for anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and anti-Evangelical hate speech, with prominent (Republican) African-Americans being denounced with racist terms (e.g. "house slaves").

Furthermore, MoveOn's own antiwar credibility is totally shot as far as "ending the war" goes. It's nice that is willing to take your money to run clever ads like "You'll love war in Iran" but antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan says it fabricated a poll that misrepresented its members' views, and that Eli Pariser is a "wannabee power broker." Does MoveOn exist to serve its 3.2 million rank and file members, or the ambitions of Eli Pariser?

I wonder whether the rank-and-file members will be allowed to ask real questions of the candidates, or whether all the questions will come from Pariser's Politburo. (I think Sheehan used "politburo" to describe MoveOn's leadership.)

Nat-Wu said...

Ok, because somebody posted derogatory and offensive remarks on a message board hosted by MoveOn, we are to judge Moveon as a bunch of racist anti-semites? You're insane. That's like holding us accountable when crazy assholes like you come on here and tell your crazy conspiracy theory stories. We're kind enough not to delete your comment because it's on-topic and non-spamming, but that doesn't mean we agree with it or are responsible for it. Whoever you are and whatever your agenda is, go take your medications and calm down.