Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gore v. The Media

Do you want to know why some members of the media tormented Gore so much during the 2000 campaign? It's because he's smarter than them, and even if they won't admit it to themselves, they know in their hearts it's true. Only now, Gore can amusingly (to us bloggers anyway) point that fact out to them. As E.J. Dionne says, Gore is now free to be himself, which manages to be an argument both for and against running again.

UPDATE: And as Bob Somerby points out, despite years of being trashed by bloggers for their willingness to dismiss facts that contradict their stereotypical views of the world, endless repeating of (Republican) talking points, and stupid focus on complete non-issues, some in the media still can't stop trashing Gore and promoting clowns for President.

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