Thursday, May 03, 2007

House Passes Hate Crimes Bill

From the AP:

Just hours after the White House issued a veto threat Thursday, the House voted to add gender and sexual orientation to the categories covered by federal hate crimes law.

The House legislation, passed 237-180, also makes it easier for federal law enforcement to take part in or assist local prosecutions involving bias-motivated attacks. Similar legislation is also moving through the Senate, setting the stage for another veto showdown with President Bush.

Well hey, the gay-hatin' social conservative vote is just about the only support base President Bush has left!


Jedi4375 said...

I think this is a political mistep that is going to give the President a lightening rod to help him reenergize his rank and file when the democrats have him on the ropes.

They are doing this to fullfill campaign promises - the problem is just like we have told the presidet that 51% for Iraq was not a majority neither is controlling congress by 1 vote.

This is politics and about minority ruling over the majority. The majority of americans do not support this bill - and the democrats should be focusing on why, and how to get them on board and then going after the president. This is a time bomb that could reverse some positives the Dems have had.

jedi4375 said...

Americans want a goverment that can work together. The Democrats are starting to fail on that issue in the grass roots.

The Dems are forcing the presidents hands on a great many issues - but is it showing division and not inclusion.

What is the 2008 Election cry going to be - give us the presidency so we can get something done - sorry I want an advesarial system of checks and balances because compromise is the best solution for all Americans and not the segments of each party they claim to represent.

adam said...

Well, I disagree that a majority don't support hate crimes legislation for homosexuals. The polling data I've seen has suggested a clear majority is in favor, and it seems only religious bigots and libertarians have a problem with it.

The fact of the matter is that an unpopular Republican president and an obstructionist minority of Republicans in the Senate are blocking Democratic-proposed legislation that is supported by large majorities of the American people: withdrawal of Iraq mid-2008, an increase in the minimum wage, stem-cell research, etc. All of these proposals are supported by 60% of the American people or more! People do what "government that can work together," but they also want government that works for them.

I understand that under the abuses of Republican control for so long people might favor divided government, but it is clear nothing will be accomplished without a Democratic president. That's not to say Democrats might not also be corrupted by power at some point, but I think it would be fair to at least give them the chance to pass some of their ideas into law before we begin praying for more gridlock!