Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Prosecutor "Too Liberal"

"Liberal" meaning not a loyal Bushie, of course:

The candidate was Seth Adam Meinero, a Howard University law school graduate who had worked on civil rights cases at the Environmental Protection Agency and had served as a special assistant prosecutor in Taylor's office.

[Monica] Goodling stalled the hiring, saying that Meinero was too "liberal" for the nonpolitical position, said according to two sources familiar with the dispute.

The civil rights experience is enough by itself to disqualify one for any senior position in this administration.

Goodling, having been granted immunity, is scheduled to testify before Congress today. Perhaps she can explain this attitude more thoroughly:

"All I ever wanted to do was serve this president, this administration, this department," Goodling tearfully told a senior Justice official shortly before she quit...

Nothing about the American people you'll note.

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