Friday, June 22, 2007

Bush Approval Rating Freefalling

A summary of major polls reveals that Bush's approval rating has fallen into the 20's. Newsweek has him at 26%. Scott Horton asks:

Well, isn’t the real question: who are these 26%? Are they people who don’t read newspapers, and watch the news? Or, more likely, people who take their news from hysterical rightwing talk radio and Fox News.

Yes! In fact, they're these people. And they will always support Bush, no matter what. They don't have any other choice.


Nat-Wu said...

Well, they're too afraid not to.

adam said...

More exciting, the latest Gallup and Newsweek polls show the top three Dems beat the top four Repubs in the presidential election. And Bloomberg has no effect or hurts Republicans!