Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bush's Relevancy

Guest Commentator "Fan Boy" ponders whether President Bush remains relevant at this point in his administration:


While I concur with what was written this journalist missed the final mark. That is asking why now is the President trying to find relevancy?

The straight answer to my first question posed is two fold. First he wants a role to influence the future direction of the Republican party. Secondly, he wants to lift his opinion polls and soften the face of the party to improve chances on retaining the White House.

These answers are found within his own party and highlighted no better than in the Republican Presidential debates last night. The Republican party has no heir to the throne and little voice forward on what they want the Republicans of this next decade and generation to stand for.

During the debates last night 10 candidates gave competing, compliant, and down right contrary views of where the party should go. It was reminiscent of the internal party debates that took place after the Gore loss for the Democrats. When the Republicans lost their second term to Clinton and were unable to topple him even in the midst of a political time bomb they went back to the drawing board. They discovered new terms like “compassionate conservative” and took off the books old now frightening language such as “New World Order”. They focused on the hearts and minds of the voting populace and took stances never seen from previous Republican candidates in recent or far memory.

George Bush was a champion and hero of the collaborative reinvention of the definition of what it meant to be a Republican and conservative. He still has a part to play in the way forward and it will be of consequence to the Republican Party for years to come.

Their also may be a third and final reason not previously mentioned. Satan- I mean Cheney- and his hawk team hell bent on starting a fight with Iran need to keep the Presidency to do it. He reminds me of of a certain general who thought we should attack China at the end of World War II because we already had the assets in place to do it. Thank God he lost that argument, in this case I hope history does repeat its self.

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