Thursday, June 28, 2007

Senate blocks immigration bill

Senate supporters of comprehensive immigration reform fell 14 votes short of the 60 needed to stop debate and vote on the bill. There were Democrats, Republicans, and independents voting on both sides (you can get the roll call here). Basically, this means the bill is dead for good. It's not going to be brought up again this year or next year. I find this disappointing (though totally unsurprising) because I think the was truly a ripe chance to get reform. I'm also disappointed in the Democrats who voted against ending debate for non-liberal reasons, many of whom were newly elected in 2006.

Republicans, of course, made up the majority of those who voted against ending debate in order to block the bill from coming to a up-or-down vote (which used to be their favorite thing until they became the minority and have obstructed Senate votes at an alarming and record rate), including many facing tough re-election next year. I can only say that while they may think this is some sort of victory with their base, it will hurt them for years to come. There's no question that conservative Republicans are the face of the anti-immigration reform movement, and it will kill them with the Latino population (if there 2006 numbers weren't bad enough) which will, in turn, kill them in many districts, states and hurt their chances even more of winning the next presidential election. But that's what xenophobia gets you.

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Xanthippas said...

Dammit. Well, fine. The establishment media won't tell anybody this, but the Republicans killed this bill. And the Democrats should use that to beat the Republicans over the head in all but the reddest districts in the country.

And winning over hispanic voters? Forget it. The nativists won (but NOT Natives, mind you) and the Republicans can now live with that.