Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bush and Cheney reach new lows as opposition to war at an all-time high

According to the latest Gallup poll, President Bush's approval rating is now at just 29 percent, confirming other recent polls that have it in the high 20s as a trend. This is a record low for Bush in the poll and matches President Nixon's record low - a week prior to his resignation from office. Probably not helping matters much as Bush's commutation of Lewis 'Scooter' Libby's prison sentence: 66 percent (the same number that disapprove of Bush's job performance) disagree with his intervention.

On the 6 month anniversary of Bush's announcement of the escalation in Iraq, the vast majority either believes the strategy has made no difference in regards to the situation in Iraq, or has made things worse. 62 percent believe the U.S. made a mistake invading Iraq in the first place, and a whopping 71 percent favor a withdrawal date of April 1st next, which would have been set in stone if Bush had signed the original Iraq war funding bill passed by Democrats in Congress. Both of those numbers are all-time highs in the Gallup poll.

A CBS news poll also showed Vice President Cheney with an all-time record for approval/disapproval, 28-59 percent. Thankfully, succeeding where the House failed, Democrats on the Senate appropriations panel chaired unanimously refused to fund $4.8 million in the vice president's budget until Cheney's office complies with parts of an executive order governing its handling of classified information. Maybe they just don't see a reason to put up with him anymore. It's beginning to look like that might happen soon with Bush on Iraq. We can only hope anyway.


Xanthippas said...

I say amen to cutting of funding.

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