Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Scott Horton has been doing a thoroughly excellent job covering the most incredibly suspicious prosecution of former Democratic Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman, a case that may be linked to the broader U.S. Attorneys scandal and one that Karl Rove himself seemed to have an interest in. If you don't already know about this (and you probably don't, as hardly anybody in the media has touched on the oddness of this prosecution) then I highly recommend you check out a few of Horton's posts on the topic here, as the story is only getting stranger and more suspicious by the day:

Seems that people who raise their voice in support of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman are often the victims of unfortunate accidents. Ask Dana Jill Simpson, the Rainsville Republican lawyer who notes that as soon as she told some friends that she had resolved to file an affidavit exposing what was going on in the Siegelman case, unfortunate accidents started happening. Like a fire at her home, and a brush with a motor vehicle operated by an off-duty law enforcement officer that resulted in her car being totaled. Well, maybe these were just accidents. In fact, Simpson seems convinced they were. But it’s clear that she has some vague and lingering doubts.

And then, following the sentencing phase of the Siegelman trial, his lawyer, Susan James, reports that her office was ransacked. These weren’t your ordinary vandals, it seems. They left computers, television sets, champagne and bottles of alcohol untouched. And they focused with laser-like intensity on her client files.

They probably didn’t find what they were looking for: the files relating to the Siegelman case. James, who had gone to visit her client in prison, had taken the files along with her.

Of course, this is certainly just a third-rate burglary. But somehow it starts me thinking back to another third-rate burglary that occurred 34 years ago in an apartment and office complex near the Potomac River.

Can Republicans trying to cover their tracks really be this stupid? What do you think?

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