Friday, July 27, 2007

God Help Us

Every rational thinking human in America knows who's to blame for the war in Iraq. Our President cannot be included among this subset of Americans however, which is how the neo-cons end up drafting the "surge" plan that is now being implemented in Iraq. Scott Horton links to a piece which recounts the horror of this for us:

This is another point on which White House lies are wearing thin and the truth is beginning to shine through. And Rowan Scarborough over at the D.C. Examiner has offered up an extremely revealing vignette. He looks at where the current strategy for the surge got cooked up. He notes that in the final analysis, there were three plans sent to the White House. One was prepared by General Petraeus and his team out in Baghdad. The second was crafted by the Joint Chiefs in the Pentagon. And the third plan was put together by a bunch of overgrown teenagers who play with lead soldiers at the American Enterprise Institute. And guess which one the White House picked? That’s right, the AEI plan.

And guess who put on his duck hunting fatigues to come over and run the show? That’s right, it’s Dead-Eye Dick himself, Vice President Cheney.

He then quotes the article, which I encourage you to read, and concludes with these words:

When all this fails–and now it looks very far from any sort of success–let’s please keep a sharp focus on who called the shots and who bears the blame. Not the generals in the field. Not the Pentagon. It’s the armchair generals from the Neocon Battalion. We’d all be a lot safer if they’d keep to playing paintball on the weekends. And even at that sort of game I wouldn’t want to be on their team.

Oh I would, if only to familiarize the neo-cons with paintball version of the "stabbed in the back" theory that the right-wing already is so keen to endorse. Then again, these clever neo-cons would more likely dictate the "strategy" to the younger players, a strategy that would include those players running pell-mell towards the enemy with no coherent plan while the neo-con plotters "reinforce" the rear somewhere very close to the entrance to the field.

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