Monday, July 30, 2007

Gonzales is a Liar

It's that simple. This article in today's Washington Post gives you the impression from the outset that there's actually an argument to made that Gonzales merely has horrible memory, or is a incapable of speaking clearly. But once you read past a few paragraphs, his record as a liar becomes clear and the only defenders he has are in the administration. This paragraph however was particularly amusing:

Democrats and some experts on the use of language say that Gonzales's gaffes are too numerous and consistent to be chalked up to misunderstandings. In most instances, his answers, or his refusals to answer, have served to obscure events that would be damaging to the administration, Gonzales or Bush.

"Experts on the use of language"? That would be anybody who can follow Gonzales' shifting rationales long enough to realize they make no sense (and this takes some effort, as sowing confusing appears to be part of his tactic of dissembling.) Look, what's happened is very simple. Gonzales has lied about some very big things, assuming probably that details about those programs wouldn't see the light of day anytime during this administration, and as details have come out he has learned that there is no amount of shiftiness that can cover up flat-out lies. The only thing Gonzales misunderstood (or miscalculated more likely) is whether his lies would be found out before or after his master was out of office.

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