Monday, July 23, 2007

It's All About Access

Enjoy this piece from Ken Silverstein, wherein he recounts the willingness of right-wing warbloggers to literally become mouth-pieces for the Bush administration. To be fair, a little bit of attention from one's rulers can be flattering, especially when it leads you to believe that your blogging has actually contributed something to the eternal "war on terror." And it's no big deal to surrender integrity that you never had in the first place.


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Nat-Wu said...

You know, we can take some pride in saying we're not shills for anyone, nor mimics for Dem talking points, nor are we sycophants suckling on the teat of those who set (or would set) America's political course. The problem with the fractious "left" is that a lot of us like to think for ourselves and we don't all agree with each other. At the same time, that's our strength. Idiots like these right-wing bloggers are what's wrong with our Democracy: people who refuse to question, refuse to challenge, and willfully submit to authority when they know that authority is wrong.