Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Payback Time!

Yes, according to Robert Novak, all these subpoenas and threatened contempt citations are "payback":

Waxman planned payback through 12 years in the minority. In response, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee's ranking Republican, Rep. Tom Davis, at an April 25 committee meeting tried to extend Waxman's subpoena of Republican e-mails to include Democratic e-mails during the Clinton administration. Davis was defeated on a party-line vote.

I can almost see Waxman, sitting at his desk late at night, rubbing his hands and chortling with glee at the thought of revenge for a decade of humiliation! Or in the real world, doing his job and ferreting out corruption. Also, Davis seriously wanted to include Clinton era e-mails in the subpoena? Are the Republicans that stupid? NOBODY cares, except the 25% of Americans who would support the Republican party even if (or especially if) it established a totalitarian dictatorship in our country. Is it worth the 10 second soundbite he got out of that stunt, for people such as myself to read columns like this and immediately assume Davis is a moron? I guess so.

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