Thursday, July 26, 2007

Media Rant

I was flipping channels earlier and CNN Headline News had a story about a cat that senses nursing home patients oncoming deaths. They called him "Oscar the Death Cat." As if he were some bizarre cat grim reaper, come to deliver death to these sick and elderly patients. That's a moronic name, and I'm sure Oscar would be offended if he knew better. And then I flip and see Glenn Beck and at the bottom of the screen while he's doing a story on the cat I see "Feline Fatale." Ha ha! GB graphics guy make big funny, cause you know making a catchy little play on words about people dying always jazzes up a show. Anyway, if you'd like to see the very poignant story about Oscar and the people whom he seems to comfort in their last hours treated with some class, here's original account the news stories are based on.

Oh and by the way, tomorrow Glenn Beck has Billy Ray Cyrus on "for a full hour!" I can hardly wait to miss that, as I can only imagine what the two-left-footed country singer has to say about critical issues like Iraq, Inequality, or Oscar "the Death Cat."

Used to you could tell what side of the political aisle someone was on by asking them whether they watched CNN or Fox News. Now if someone asks what cable news show you watch the only appropriate answer should be "none."

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adam said...

Haha, this post is going on our next "greatest hits."