Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mistakes Led to the Rise of Hamas

This McClatchy article offers a succinct and condemning explanation of the various missteps the Bush administration made towards the Palestinian government after Hamas' rise to power in the 2006 elections, and how those missteps contributed to Hamas' military victory in Gaza last month. I won't excerpt any bits, as you should read it in full. I would like to think that 18 months is not much time to screw things up, but given the blunders in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Somalia and so on, I think I would be fooling myself. At this point I would trust a room full of Americans plucked off the street more than I would this administration on foreign policy and national security. Most Americans would know that they don't know anything about foreign policy, and would at least hire people who do, and not ignorant and arrogant know-nothings like this bozo. Of course, I also thought they wouldn't elect a President who reduces the complexities of the Middle East and Central Asia down to "good and evil"...

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