Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Reid's Move Ups His Stock Value"

Sen. Reid gets an "A" in Steve Clemons' book:

Senator Reid's clever theatrics of keeping the Senate open all night to do battle with Republicans over Iraq policy is another winner in my book. It was nearly as good a legislative tactic as his Frist-frazzling Rule 21 move.

Many argue that this was a stunt. It wasn't. It's hard core politics -- the kind Gingrich and Lott and Boehner would frequently deploy on gay rights issues or abortion politics to drag Dems into "symbolic votes" that they hoped would boost Republican fortunes at the polls.

Reid is orchestrating the same -- and making it increasingly tough for Republicans who are doggedly committed to leaving American women and women on the front lines of a civil war in Iraq.

Amen brother!

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adam said...

Yes, exactly. Where was the media criticism of this stuff with the Republicans and the "nuclear option?" Reid did exactly the right thing with this, and he is doing the right thing by yanking the bill entirely until Republicans agree to up or down votes.