Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Republican Party is Filled with Scumbags

At the behest of Adam, I watched a short clip on PBS' "NOW" about the practice of voter caging in the 2004 election. Essentially the practice involves sending letters to registered voters and then, when those letters are returned as undeliverable, ruthlessly challenging the right of those voters to vote when they show up at the polls on election day. The Republican Party used this method largely to target African-Americans in Florida and in other key battleground states, where as little as a few hundred votes could make the difference in a national election. As the piece explains, caging is not illegal unless it's done on the basis of race, which it most certainly was by the Republican Party. And even if it were legal, it would make them no less racist scumbags for seeking-as they have done throughout their long and racist history-to deny votes to African Americans for partisan political gain.

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This stuff just confirms the worst ideas people have about Republicans.