Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gonzo Going?

Scott Horton sticks his finger in the political winds and feels impeachment coming:

This morning, the momentum for impeachment of Alberto Gonzales is building decisively. My friends in the Washington scene, who told me with assurance a month ago that it wouldn’t happen because of the opposition of Nancy Pelosi and other House Democratic leaders, now say the tide has turned. They expect the process to move forward quickly.

A group of more than a dozen former prosecutors and judges in the House has introduced a resolution calling on the Judiciary Committee to commence hearings for a Bill of Impeachment against Gonzales. Speaker Pelosi is now said to have come around on the issue, largely on the strength (or rather, extraordinary weakness) of Gonzales’s last appearance before the Senate, at which he perjured himself repeatedly. Both Gonzales and the White House were given an opportunity to correct Gonzales’s false statements, or to explain them, but the letters they offered were so ludicrous and insulting that they seem to have shifted more Republicans into hostile ground.

Whereas you and I would simply clap our hands with glee at the thought of Gonzales being tossed out of his office on his ear, Horton fairly assesses the pros and cons of impeachment. He acknowledges it would be a costly diversion from "real" issues, but in the end Horton thinks that Gonzales' betrayal of justice (and Justice) is simply too great to let pass unpunished. I agree, and I hope his instincts are right.

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