Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lift the Embargo

Via the Washington Note, Presidential Candidate and Senator Chris Dodd speaks some sense on the the Cuban embargo:

I want to see the peaceful transition to democracy occur on the Island of Cuba in my life time.

That isn't going to happen if we continue the misguided policies of the last forty-six years. We must open the flood gates to contacts with the Cuban people. We must remove restrictions on the ability of Cuban Americans to provide financial assistance to their loved ones. Even small sums of money in the hands of ordinary Cuban families can serve as catalysts for private investment to gain a foothold in Cuba.

It is simply un-American to bar American citizens from traveling to foreign countries. In fact, Americans are currently free to travel to both Iran and North Korea, two countries which pose far more serious threats to American national security than the government of Cuba.

Unfortunately since Dodd has virtually no chance of winning the nomination, he can afford to alienate the millions of Floridian Cubans who have hijacked our foreign policy towards Cuba...unlike another prominent Democratic candidate who seems content to maintain the status quo.

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