Saturday, September 29, 2007

Answer the Question

Thomas Ricks, writing in the Washington Post, makes the case for how limited the options are in Iraq for the future Democratic President. Eugene Robinson doesn't accept the framing, and argues that there's no good reason for Democratic candidates not to explain what they intend to do in Iraq. For my part, I feel the same way.

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adam said...

I agree, but I think Tim Russert's question of "Will you have all troops out by 2013?" is typically stupid pundit question. It is hard to say yes or not to that, even for people who want to get out of Iraq ASAP, because it is kind of impossible to know unless you make the commitment to remove every single last troop immediately which I think we agree isn't the best thing to do. But that's not the same as saying that you're going to leave 100,000 plus troops there indefinitely like the Republicans want to. The just means you don't know how many will be there in advisory roles, special forces tracking Al Qaeda, etc.