Thursday, September 20, 2007

If you've got something to say...

don't wait until it's too late to do any good, like Alan Greenspan.

"Little value was placed on rigorous economic policy debate or the weighing of long-term consequences," Greenspan writes of the Bush administration.

Don't you think it would have been better to say that when there was a chance that you might have made a difference in that administration, Mr. Greenspan? Or is it that we should all be so politically loyal that even when we know our side is wrong we should keep our mouths shut (otherwise known as pulling a Powell).

Too little, too late, Mr. Greenspan.


adam said...

It's so much easier to speak your mind when you aren't responsible for anything anymore.

Xanthippas said...

Seems to be a common thread for ex-Bush officials.

"They just didn't listen to me!"

Yeah neither, but we didn't keep working with them and doing what they asked of us.

Nat-Wu said...

Hah! Damn right. Look, in my own (very) minor way, I once had to speak out in public about something my boss was doing that was wrong. It wasn't easy and it may have damaged my chances of promotions, but it had to be done. You have to what you have to do when the time comes, not five years down the road.