Monday, September 17, 2007

Robert Jordan Dies

Noted fantasy author Robert Jordan died yesterday at the age of 58. He had been ill for some time, and announced last year in a letter online to his fans that he had been diagnosed with a rare blood diease. Jordan is most well-known as the author of the "Wheel of Time" books (though he wrote other series as well) the first book of which was published way back in 1990. My co-blogger Nat-Wu and I started reading his series not long after that first book came out 17 years ago, and had been eagerly anticipating the 12th and final installment in the series. I've never enjoyed the fantasy genre very much, but I found it impossible not to be lured in my Jordan's incredibly detailed and imaginative novels, both as a teenager and as an adult. I'm very sad to hear that he won't have a chance to finish his last novel, though I hope that a last novel will still be published based on his preliminary writings. I imagine that's something he would have wanted.

UPDATE: I recommend this short write-up of Jordan's life and death by the AP. Jordan was decorated with a Bronze Star while serving two tours of duty in Vietnam. The man was a writer and a hero, and will be missed.


adam said...

Seems like a lot of noted fantasy/scifi authors are dying off. I hope his last book gets published for all the fans. I mean, if Tolkien can, certainly he can...

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for that book
for a long time. Sad to hear he did not make it.

Nat-Wu said...

Man, I can't believe it all started so long ago! I remember browsing the sci-fi/fantasy shelves at Nicholson Memorial Library in Garland and picking up The Eye of the World (way back when that was the only book) because it had an interesting cover. I really enjoyed it, and even though I've criticized most of the later books for excessive length and verbiage, I still like the series.

I actually knew of Jordan before that because of his work writing some Conan books, but his legacy will be The Wheel of Time, a fantasy world that has won millions of readers in an already crowded market place and provides something substantial for those of us who want something a bit more adult than Harry Potter.

As always, when the world loses a great author, there's one less voice telling us stories that teach us about ourselves. Hopefully, Robert Jordan will be gone, but not forgotten for a long, long time.