Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Sports Round-Up

This weekend was a mixed-bag for Dallas area sports. The Cowboys rolled over the injury-ridden and hapless St. Louis Rams 35-7, maintaining their status as undefeated at 4-0 along with Indianapolis, New England and Green Bay (yes, Green Bay.) Philadelphia did the Cowboys no favors, suffering an offensive meltdown (after an incredible game last week) against the Giants. The Redkins have a bye week, and so had no opportunity to make up ground against the Cowboys. New England plays Cincinnati tonight and Cleveland next week. This, combined with a Dallas game against the woeful Buffalo Bills next week means that both teams, currently the top two offensive teams in the league, are likely to meet each other undefeated. Mark your calendars.

FC Dallas enjoyed a 3-0 spanking at the hands of the Houston Dynamo at Pizza Hut Park yesterday. Big name acquisition Denilson contributed nothing and has thus far proven to be at best a distraction, and Carlos Ruiz was red-carded and ejected and is likely to be out for the next two games. FCD is still likely to finish 3rd in the West and thus secure a spot in the playoffs but at this point, one would have to question why these guys would want to experience further embarrassment.

The same could be asked of the Texas Rangers, who finished yet another season of mediocrity with their 87th loss of the season in Seattle. Their only highlight was the astonishing 30 run game against Baltimore last month, an experience a few around here would gladly trade for another berth in the playoffs.

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