Friday, November 16, 2007

Irving Activist Arrested

Carlos Quintanilla, prominent in the recent protests in Irving, was picked up in Irving by police on Thursday.

Police said Mr. Quintanilla, leader of Dallas-based Accion America, had seven outstanding warrants – mostly traffic citations – from police in Dallas and Farmers Branch and the Dallas County sheriff's office. He was arrested after an Irving police lieutenant saw him giving an interview to a reporter in the 1000 block of East Irving Boulevard.

Ok, I get that the guy should have paid his parking tickets. But is this not just stupid? To arrest him the day of a planned rally?

Oh yeah, and here the DMN once again underestimates the number of people at the rally: "Only about three dozen protesters, mostly Hispanics, gathered at Irving City Hall by 4:30 p.m." I was there, I saw more like 50 people. Far from the 1,000 that gathered last month, but still, the paper even then underestimated the number. On WRR they gave the count as 2 dozen. I don't get this. Why do they want to cut the numbers down?


adam said...

Sounds suspicious.

Nat-Wu said...

It does, although there's no reason to suspect it was any more than just really bad timing. But Irving could really stand to tell the cops not to take inflammatory actions like that.